Callista Gingrich is President of Gingrich Productions, a multimedia production company based in Washington, DC. Together with her husband Newt, she hosts and produces historical and public policy documentaries. Recent films include A City Upon A Hill, Nine Days That Changed The World, and Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny. She is the author of a New York Times bestselling children’s book about American exceptionalism, Sweet Land of Liberty.

During the 2012 Republican presidential campaign, Callista emerged as one of the conservative movement’s leading female voices. Traveling the country in support of her husband Newt’s presidential bid, she championed the causes of American exceptionalism and religious liberty. In addition to her active role in the 2012 campaign, Callista offers nearly two decades of staff experience in the United States House of Representatives, where she served as Chief Clerk of the House Committee on Agriculture until 2007.

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Respected Political Advisor

Prior to leading Gingrich Productions, Callista worked in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1988 until 2007, first in the office of Congressman Steve Gunderson (R-WI), and then as Chief Clerk of the House Committee on Agriculture. During her tenure, the Agriculture Committee held hearings on a wide range of issues including biotechnology, bioterrorism, conservation, forest management, nutrition, rural development, trade, and welfare reform. With over eighteen years of staff experience in the United States House of Representatives, Callista has a wide range of knowledge in government and legislative affairs, strategic planning, research, and constituent services.

Accomplished Singer, Award-Winning Musician

A devoted Catholic, Callista is a member of the Choir of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., a resident professional choir. In March of 2005, the Choir visited Rome, Italy to honor Pope John Paul II, and recorded a compact disc entitled Pope John Paul II: A Celebration of Life and Faith. In April of 2008, the Choir sang for the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, during his Apostolic Journey to the United States. In November of 2008, the Choir participated in the International Festival of Sacred Music and Art in Rome, Italy. Callista is also a classical pianist and plays the French horn with the City of Fairfax Band in Fairfax, Virginia, promoting musical growth and education among area residents and students.

Dedicated Philanthropist

Callista is President of the Gingrich Foundation, a charitable nonprofit corporation. Among its charitable contributions, the Gingrich Foundation has established the Newt and Callista Gingrich Scholarship at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa which provides annual scholarships for instrumental music majors.



American Exceptionalism: Preserving the Values and Ideals That Make America Unique

American Exceptionalism has been at the heart of our nation’s experience for nearly 400 years, but today this experience faces grave challenges – political, cultural, and economic. As a nation, we must decide whether to preserve the ideals that have made us unique, or whether to become just another country.

Callista explains that the source of American Exceptionalism is displayed in a single document – the Declaration of Independence. The key in this document is our Founding Fathers' assertion that ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,’ and that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights – rights that no government can take away. It is this assertion – that our rights come from God – that makes America truly exceptional.

Callista has travelled the country defending the values America has uniquely prized, and she makes a compelling case for why we must pass these lessons on to future generations, now perhaps more than ever.

Freedom through Faith: Pope John Paul’s Historic Pilgrimage to Poland and the Fall of Communism

In June of 1979, Pope John Paul II’s historic nine-day trip to Poland created a revolution of conscience that transformed the nation and fundamentally reshaped the spiritual and political landscape of the 20th Century.

Callista and her husband Newt brought this story once again to light in their documentary film, Nine Days that Changed the World, in which they explore what transpired during these nine days that moved the Polish people to renew their hearts, reclaim their courage, and free themselves from the shackles of Communism. Although still largely unknown to many outside of Poland, Pope John Paul II’s trip truly did change the course of history, exposing the Communist system’s fatal spiritual void.

As a lifelong Catholic of Polish heritage, Callista discusses on a deeply personal level the events of June 1979 and the important lessons they hold for us today.