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  • Kai Kight

    Innovator; Speaker; Violinist

    As a classical violinist turned innovative composer, Kai Kight uses music as a metaphor to inspire individuals and organizations across the world to compose paths of imagination and fulfillment. Inspired by his own mother who, when diagnosed with cancer, revealed regrets of not bringing her ideas to the world, Kai is on a mission to spark a global mindset shift in which ingenuity is the norm, not the exception. In his emotionally powerful presentations, Kai performs mesmerizing original music and vulnerably shares stories from his own transformation as an artist. Kai translates these insights into takeaways that audiences can easily infuse into their own lives and work environments. A product of Stanford University’s design and engineering program, the d. School, Kai remains fascinated ...

    fee range: $10,001 - $15,000
  • David Martin

    Founder and Chairman, M•CAM Inc.; Batten Fellow, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia; Architect and Founder, ...

    Dr. David E. Martin is the Founder and Chairman of M•CAM Inc., the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. Actively engaged in global ethical economic development, Dr. Martin's work includes financial engineering and investment, public speaking, writing and providing financial advisory services to the majority of countries in the world.

  • Rick Tyler

    Political Analyst, MSNBC News; Co-Founder, Foundry Strategies

    Rick Tyler is Co-Founder of Foundry Strategies, a political, strategic, and communications consulting firm specializing in helping their political and corporate clients reach their leadership potential by honing their communications skills. He is currently a Political Analyst for the MSNBC Cable News Network.

    fee range: $10,001 - $15,000
  • Dave Ridley

    Former Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Southwest Airlines; Executive Advisor

    Dave Ridley retired from Southwest Airlines in January, 2015, after a twenty seven year career. During this period he served as a senior executive in a variety of operational, commercial, and staff functions including: SVP Chief Marketing Officer; SVP People and Leadership Development; SVP Business Development; and VP of Ground (Airport) Operations. Since 1998 he was a member of the Executive Committee, the CEO’s staff responsible for strategy and corporate policy. During Dave’s years at Southwest (1988-2015), the Company grew from a $700 million in revenue regional airline flying to 26 U.S.cities to become the largest domestic airline in the United States with nearly $20B in revenue, now flying to 97 cities in 40 states, Mexico and the Caribbean. Southwest is the only airline ...

    fee range: $7,500 - $10,000
  • Eric Chester

    Foremost Expert on Employing Younger Workers; Acclaimed Author, Getting Them to Give a Damn

    No one has a better understanding of the new generation of young workers than Eric Chester. He is the premier expert on Generation Why and, in fact, he coined the term. For over two decades, Eric has been speaking to and working with Generation Why youth. He has addressed more than two million high school and college students, authored nine books for teens, and is dialed-in to the mindset of this burgeoning generation. Eric frequently appears on national media and is interviewed in major publications to provide insight and perspective to business leaders, owners, and operators on the topic. Eric is the founder & President of Generation Why, Inc., a training and consulting firm helping leading companies and organizations recruit, train, manage, motivate, and retain the very best of this new ...

    fee range: $10,000 - $15,000
  • Ram Charan, Ph.D

    Foremost Business Thought-Leader and Strategist; Acclaimed Author of Bestselling Books Execution and Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty ...

    Ram Charan's brilliance is to merge high-level intellectual thinking about business with the hard-nosed drive for results in the real world. Charan understands what gives business leaders angst"whether it's rising complexity, fast commoditization, unrelenting demands for performance, or simply getting other people to perform. He spots the issues ahead of others and finds the way out. Working with top business leaders around the world for more than three decades, he has an expansive view of the global business landscape and finely tuned business acumen. He gets to the crux of what the issues are now. The Financial Times says, "If Charan declares that something matters, the chances are that it really does." Download Full Bio > ...

    fee range: $40,000 - $60,000
  • Kevin Powell

    Humanitarian; Writer; Public Speaker; Pop Culture Curator; President & Cofounder of BK Nation

    Kevin Powell is one of the most acclaimed political, cultural, literary, and hip-hop voices in America today. He is the author of 11 books, including "Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and the Ghost of Dr. King: Blogs and Essays." Among his upcoming books will be Kevin's memoir of his very difficult childhood and youth, to be released in 2015 by Simon & Schuster; and in 2016 he will publish a biography of Tupac Shakur, the late rapper and controversial American icon. Kevin's writings have also appeared in, Esquire, Ebony, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The Guardian,, and Vibe Magazine, where he worked for many years as a senior writer, interviewing public figures as different as Tupac Shakur and General Colin Powell. Kev ...

    fee range: $7,500 - $10,000
  • Robin Chase

    Transportation Entreprenuer; Founder and Former CEO of Zipcar; Executive Chairman, Veniam Works; Author

    Robin Chase is a transportation entrepreneur. She is founder and former CEO of Zipcar, the largest carsharing company in the world; Buzzcar, a service that brings together car owners and drivers in a carsharing marketplace in France; and GoLoco, an online ridesharing community. She is also Executive Chairman of Veniam, a vehicle communications company building the networking fabric for the Internet of Moving Things. She is on the Boards of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the World Resources Institute, and Tucows. She also served on the National Advisory Council for Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the US Department of Commerce, the Intelligent Transportations Systems Program Advisory Committee for the US Department of Transportation, the OECD’s International Transport Fo ...

    fee range: $15,001 - $25,000
  • Parisa Khosravi

    Former Senior Vice President, CNN Worldwide; Expert on Leading Diverse Teams; Foremost Authority on The Most Important World Events in Recent History ...

    Parisa Khosravi is an award winning journalist with three decades of experience on the world stage. Throughout her career as Senior Vice President of international news gathering, domestic news gathering and global relations for CNN Worldwide, Parisa directed CNN’s historic coverage of countless award-winning news stories. CNN lauded Parisa in its farewell to her by stating: “No one has played a greater role in emergence and then dominance of CNN international news gathering than Parisa.” Some of these historic events included Tiananmen Square, the Iraq wars, Fall of the Iron Curtain, the End of Apartheid, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Tsunamis in Southeast Asia and Japan, the Earthquake in Haiti, the Arab Spring and the Syrian civil war. As CNN’s first ever Ambassador and Senior Vice ...

    fee range: Inquire for Details
  • Morgan Wright

    Principal, Morgan Wright Strategies; Recognized Expert on International Cyber Security and U.S. Law Enforcement

    Morgan Wright is an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity strategy, cyberterrorism, identity theft and privacy. His landmark testimony before Congress on changed how the government collected personally identifiable information. He has made hundreds of appearances on national news, radio, print and web, and has spoken to audiences around the world. Previously Morgan was a Senior Advisor in the US State Department Antiterrorism Assistance Program and Senior Law Enforcement Advisor for the 2012 Republican National Convention. In addition to 18 years in state and local law enforcement, Morgan has developed solutions in defense, justice and intelligence for the largest technology companies in the world. A highly seasoned interviewer and moderator, Morgan has helped t ...

    fee range: $7,500 - $10,000
  • Ty Bennett

    CEO, Leadership, Inc.; Entrepreneur; Best-Selling Author

    When Ty was 21 years old, he and his brother Scott started a business in direct sales, which they built to over $20 million in annual revenue while still in their twenties. Since that time, he has developed over 500 sales managers globally with sales and leadership in 37 countries.  As a young entrepreneur, Ty went on to found Leadership Inc. – a speaking and training company with a mission to empower individuals and organizations. With a natural ability to engage and empower others, Ty draws on his experience in the trenches to share real and tangible techniques about the principles of leadership that continue to create his success. Ty was recently featured as one of the Top 40 Under 40. Ty is a young, fresh voice providing interactive presentations that are engaging, dyna ...

    fee range: $10,001 - $15,000
  • Michael G. Baker

    Co-Founder, Diligence; Former Operations Officer for CIA; Co-host of the Travel Channel's America Declassified and World Access

    With over 25 years experience as the CIA's operations officer and as the President and Co-Founder of Diligence LLC, Michael Baker uses his experience in intelligence, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotic and counterinsurgency operations to speak to audiences about how they can maximize their use of intelligence to minimize risk and maximize opportunities globally. 

    fee range: $15,001 - $25,000
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